Your Online Solution for
Complete Business Operations Management
OpRover provides tools that simplify duties in the office and on the job,
including everything from lead management and bid development, to
time-tracking and inventory.
Built for roofing, contracting, and construction businesses, OpRover
automates administrative and managerial tasks so your team can focus
on what's important: getting jobs done right.
Access Anytime, Anywhere
OpRover is Web-based, which means it's accessible from computers, tablets, or phones, and can help your team develop bids, log time and more, all on site
Add, Track and Close Leads
Organize lead capture and conversion with tools for managing contact information, following up and reviewing salesperson performance.
Optimized for Your Business
OpRover Works for businesses of all sizes, is customizable, and is frequently being updated with new tools.

Your Business' Best Friend
Make Your Sales Process Effortless
From bid creation to final invoicing, OpRover Makes Preparing timely and accurate sales materials easy.
Have Eyes on Every Job
Assess your team's workload and job progress at a glance with a comprehensive dashboard.
Keep Your Team in Touch
OpRover Features tools for communication, PTO-trackign, note-takign, managing calendars, and more.
Inspect Your Bottom Line
From tracking actual hours and commission, to setting and reviewing goals, OpRover makes managing finance trouble-free.
Inventory Simplified
Get better visibility of your materials and costs to ensure you're prepared for new jobs.
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