You may not have all links to see here on your system depending on the status and pages you been allow to see

Customer -Tab

Leads/Sales/Bids - Tab

  • Leads - Create Lead - This is how a lead gets added to the system
  • Leads - Lead List - Skew list that holds all leads until a salesperson is assigned to the lead
  • Leads - Leads Scheduled - Slew list that holds all leads that has been scheduled for a sales appointment
  • Leads - Leads Map - Google map of where all leads & inspections are located
  • Leads - Scheduling Map - Google map of where the scheduled leads are located.
  • Leads - Overall Map - Google map of all leads that has been added to the system from a date range
  • Sales - Sales List - Skew list that holds all clients that had a salesperson look at their project but not yet had a bid delivered to that client 
  • Sales - Sales Map - Map of where all the clients that are on the sales list
  • Sales - Sales Lost - Skew list that hold all sales that got deleted because the company never got the project
  • Sales - Salesman Report - A page that has several reports that shows how a salesperson is preforming. 
  • Sales - Follow Up - Skew list that hold people that want a follow up call at a later data that will repopulate on to the lead list at that data. 
  • Sales - My Commission - A place a salesperson can find their commission break down and what been paid
  • Bids - Bid List - Skew list of the bids that been made that not accepted as a job or we know that been done by another company
  • Bids - Contracts Not Sent - Skew list of clients that bids that have been done and moved over to the bid list but the salesperson didn't indicate that the bid been sent out.
  • Bids - Bids Lost - Skew list a bids the company didn't win 
  • Inspections - Assigned Maintenance Forms - Skew list that holds all maintenance forms that are assigned to be done
  • Inspections - Completed Inspections - Skew list of all Maintenance inspection have been done and the link to the invoice and report associated with that inspection 
  • Dashboard - Landing page where the health of the company jobs is summarized 


Jobs - Tab

Crew/Reports - Tab

Member Area - Tab

Administration - Tab

Inventory/Products - Tab

Business Tips

Doing bids


Bid Constants

  • Making the back End to Bids - How to set up to back end so when your doing a bid the computer can be smarter and figure most if not all the material and labor cost.

Inventory - Add, Edit and Delete Products and Foam

Add and Edit Employee and Setting Roles

Clocking In and Out

  • Clocking In & Out - How employees clock in and out of the system to keep track of their hours

Bid List - Job List - Job Started - Job Completed

Filling Out Daily’s


  • Fixes - Explains the function of fixes and how they work

Inspection and Warranty


Assign Forms & Test

Certification ABAA & SPFA

Change Orders

Company Performance


Items Checked Out

Lead & Sales List

Maintenance Reports

Reference List

  • Reference List - Once a job is make complete it automatically enters on to the reference list. This show how you can manage that list
  • Days and Reference List - How to manage your Reference list

Service Tickets & Invoicing

Time Entries & Reports

Trucks & Trailers

  • Trucks & Trailers - Where to add and remove trucks and trailers for DOT reporting 


  • Variables - This is where you go to set up once numbers that usually don't change and remain constant. Some do change from year to year like labor cost.

Vendor List

  • Vendor List - list of all vendor that been entered into the system

Page Permissions & Order

  • Page Permission & Order - Where you can add or remove pages to employee can see if the global setting are not working for a certain employee


Fuel Reports




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