Hello, I’m Gene Tillotson, some of you may know me or have heard of me. My company is Tillotson Enterprises Inc. (TEI) and we have been applying foam and coating for over 25 years. Several of my employees, including myself, are SPF certified and ABAA trained.  In 2015, TEI did just over 3 million dollars in business in Nebraska and the surrounding states. TEI has two branches, Kearney, Nebraska & Lincoln, Nebraska. I tell you this not to brag, but to make a point; I know the foam and coatings business. 

The reason I’m contacting you is because I have helped develop a cloud-based program designed to manage foam and coating businesses - it’s called OpRover™.  There’s really nothing else on the market like OpRover™.  This program was developed out of necessity to improve efficiency, increase profits and assist in effectively running my foam and coatings business. Right now you may be asking yourself why I’m sending this information to you, the vendor, you are not a contractor and don’t need this program. You’re right, you don’t, but your customers do.  I will explain further how this software program can help your company AND your customers.

I’m sure one of the goals of your company in 2016 is to sell more products in the foam and coating market then in 2015. You hope to find good applicators, who are doing good work, paying their bills and then repeat this process throughout the year. As you know, 50% of new businesses don’t survive five years and 80% don’t make it to ten years. This happens for several reasons and OpRover™ won’t solve all of them, but it can assist you with some of the bigger issues. Of course there is no replacement for good business judgment, but in my case I couldn’t find the right program to be the “adhesive” to build and grow my business. Without OpRover™, I would have never made it this far.

Here's why your company should promote OpRover™:

  • The program is designed so that you can also profit by promoting OpRover™. See the Pricing Sheet for details.  The more companies which use this program will result in a savings and I’m passing that on to you, the vendor.

  • OpRover™ will come pre-loaded with your company’s products making it very easy and highly likely to quote your products in their bids. This will translate to more sales for you!

  • OpRover™, used properly, will tell them if they are profitable.
    80% of companies “run fast”, i.e. using money from current jobs to pay bills for jobs completed in the past several weeks or month.  Simply put, 80% of your customers may be making money on each job, but are still not profitable at the end of the year, or even worse, at the end of the month.  Overhead will eat them alive and they just aren’t seeing it.

  • When bids are calculated correctly they will tell the business owner if there is room to lower a bid or if, by reducing their bid, they will lose money or even worse, be doing that job for free.  It’s always amazing to me when I talk to other contractors who tell me that they just reduced their overhead or labor number so I could get the job. Really? Their overhead is still the same and the job will not go any faster just because they reduced the number – this is not a good recipe.

  • This is the first reason I told you about - OpRover™ has made me more money than I have spent on it, because I know my numbers and by using OpRover™, your customers will know their numbers also. OpRover ™ can help your customers stay in business, buy your products and grow their business.

  •  The new customers you bring in won’t just be a replacement for the ones which are going out of business or could not pay your prices and went on to another company to sell them more products to stay in business.  I know you know what I’m talking about.

Here are some of the main features of Oprover™:

  • Cloud-Based - Allows you to access information anywhere or anytime.      
    No more lost papers or sticky notes wandering around the office or the cab of your truck.
    This allows multiple people to add information for other users to see.
    This program allows the use of iPads and tablets on the job site to maximize use.

  • Bids Keeps all bids in an accessible, but secure location. Ever had a salesperson leave and not give get his bids back? Ever lose the paper copy of a bid and had to ask the client to send it to you, so you knew what you bid?
    Not with this program!

  • Easy movement of information – Moves information across data fields with the click of a button. Leads can be converted to a Sale, then on to a Bid and from there to a Job. 
    Never misplace a lead or forget to put a job on the Job List again!

  • Financial Reporting – Know what is going on with your financials during the year without waiting until year end.
    See the profit generated from each job (estimated cost vs. actual cost).
    Based off of historical data see what percentage of the year is sold, the profit made, etc.
    OpRover™ can also estimate the future profit of jobs which haven’t even been started based on the information of the jobs already completed.
    Finally know “the number” that makes a difference in your bottom line!

  • Financial Manipulation – Uses historical job data to see what effects the costs of labor, profit, overhead, materials, and etc. have on your bottom line.

  • Inventory – See how much material you have on hand. This can be particularly useful if you have more than one location.
    As crews fill out daily reports, the inventory changes in real time.
    Finally know what you have or don’t have!

  • Fixes – Keeps you on top of issues when customers call in with leaks or other problems.  Without a system like OpRover™ these can get lost during the day-to-day operation of a busy contractor. 
    Staying on top of these issues will help you to receive or to maintain an excellent reputation.

  • OSHA Forms & Testing – OpRover™ reminds you and your employees to fill out periodic OSHA forms and tests, documenting your crew’s knowledge of OSHA topics and storing them for easy access. OpRover™ insures compliance, but also allows some flexibility. 
    Toolbox Talks - OpRover™ tracks Toolbox Talks.
    SDS - Always have them at the job site and keep these up-to-date and accessible both in and out of the office.
    JSA Forms – These can be completed and stored on Oprover™.
    Manual – This is always available on OpRover™ for employees to view.  
    Remember OSHA says is if it is not documented it never happened. NO OSHA fines here!

  • SPFA & ABAA – Hours and board feet are recorded as the result of entering daily information.
    Makes filling out a job history a snap.

  • Reminders – Set reminders for when you need a physical or to renew your CDL.  The reminder feature can remind you of all kinds of things. 
    Set it and forget it.

  • DOT –Reports for each vehicle can be completed and stored on OpRover™. 
    Makes for easy truck inspection reports.

  • Sales Reports – OpRover™ identifies who is selling well, or not, on your sales force.
    Know your sales numbers and when you need to give someone an “Atta boy” or have that “you need to do better” talk.

  • Message Board – Allows for ease of communication throughout all levels of your company and know when they read your message.
    You will never hear, “I didn’t get that email” again. 

  • Clock In and Clock Out – No more paper or punch clocks!  

  • Calendars – Allows employees to request time off, document sick days, schedule appointment and reminders.

  • Maps – Connect to Google Maps and visually see jobs and leads. 
    Never finish your day only to realize that you had another lead in that same area.

  • Employee Policy Violations – Provides the paper trail you need when dismissing an employee or even to help curb bad behavior 
    Empower your office staff with documentation.

  • Crew Reports – Oprover™ identifies how your crew leaders are operating in the field and which crew leader makes you the most $$$. 
    This is invaluable information at bonus time or raise time.

  • Job Reference List – Automatically uploads completed jobs. This allows customers to see what you have done in their area. 
    No more paper lists to update with job references.

  • Customer Communication – OpRover™ can email your customers so that they are aware of their job coming up on the schedule. 
    Reduce the number of calls from customers wanting to know when their job will be started.

  • Customer Job Transparency – Allows customers to see Toolbox Talks, pictures and other items you choose to display for customers.
    Great for keeping customers involved in the job progress.

  • Vendors – Allows you to create a directory of preferred companies and/or products commonly used. 
    Stop calls from your employees about “who do we call for this”.

  • Role-Based System – OpRover™ is employee role-based, which means employees ONLY see what you want them to see.

  • Work Order - Allows crews to review what the contract states regarding the job and the products. 
    Your crews will be more prepared and this also reduces errors.

  • Signature Feature – This feature makes change orders or new contracts in the field a very quick process.  
    No more excuses for not getting a signature on the dotted line.

  • Maintenance Reporting – This is a dynamic roof rating system which informs current customers when their roofs need re-coating and can also drive new business for those customers looking at repairs or new roofing systems. 

  • Service Tickets – This feature allows repairs without creating a bid. The hours and products convert directly to invoicing so that the office knows how much to bill for. 
    Don’t lose money again by doing work that doesn’t get billed.

  • Invoicing – Invoice your customers directly from OpRover™.           

  • Multiple Branches – Allows you to manage multiple locations with one program.

  • And a whole lot more – There are many other features which OpRover™ has to offer – too many to mention here.


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